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How to make him fall in love?

Do you feel butterflies in the stomach and euphoria before each meeting with him? You do not feel the need to eat or sleep? HE takes 99% of your thoughts? You can not focus on simple activities? If these emotional states are not strange to you, everything indicates that you are in love. But how can you make him go crazy on your point? It is not so difficult! ;-)
Do not surround him. guysthey need freedom above all. Do not take him from her (at least not at the beginning of acquaintance ;-). If from time to time you let him go out with your beer buddies, or you will stop calling him every time you feel an urge (read 15 times a day ;-), Misio will be eternally grateful and before you watch, he will subconsciously begin to compare you with her ex, who kept him under control all the time
Do not try to change it. Each of us dreams about a versatile guy. But if you ask him to speak French, German, Dutch, he could tap, he was a romantic macho and he quit smoking, throw him loose because you scare him! Start appreciating its advantages, and do not point out the disadvantages. If he was so bad, he would not be your boyfriend!
Give him a nice surprise. Fancy depilation of the bikini area, new underwear, or a tender kiss - for no reason, will make that He will not be able to stop thinking about You, for a long time "after" ;-).
Go sometimes just under his nose, in his shirt or pajamas. Nothing pleases a boy like being aware of his thing. It will be a nice gesture on your part, which he will remember for a long time.
Treat him like a friend. The best foundation of love is friendship and trust. This does not mean that you have to treat him like a buddy. Just be a support for him, make him share his problems with you, show him that no matter what he does - you'll always be on his side. All this will make your luby never think about looking for a new object of sighs. Why, if he has you?